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Inside Out Family Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Bolton Patients Say

At Inside Out Family Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please watch our videos or read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Not as Tired

My mom and dad brought me to inside out for my first visit. I had a big cramp in my stomach and lower back. After Dr. Ryan adjusted me I noticed I can run faster, longer and I don’t get tired as fast.

Dr. Ryan taught me that I should exercise on a regular basis and to keep my back straight.

My message to new patients is I suggest getting adjusted by Dr. Ryan and try to keep your back straight and don’t bend your neck hard.

Karol J.

Life Changing

Me & a lady by the name of Marg Jones attended one of his extreme make-over seminars. I came in for the weight analysis and made the decision to continue as a patient here.

Before I came to Dr. Ryan and his associates I’ve had carpel tunnel; for nine years and neck headaches forever. I also have asthma for 15 years.

While in my journey with Inside Out I now have no more headaches and now use my inhaler less. My hands are still being worked on. My two children are clients here as well and Dr. Ryan never haves enough of them.

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The extreme make-over helped me change some of my ways. My children now eat Mc. Donald’s rarely instead of once a week. I now feed my children more fruits and vegetables, Almond Milk and free run eggs. I am trying to change my meat and breads. I eat less sugar, and it makes me feel much better each day.

My life has changed because of your treatments. I say that if anyone was to choose a chiropractor it should be Dr. Ryan & associates because he truly does care about his clients, you never know unless you try was once what I heard and now I love it. Every visit with Dr. Ryan is worth a smile. He is awesome.

I was introduced to Dr. Ryan when my husband gave me a gift invitation. Dr. Ryan offered me free exams, X-ray’s and my first few adjustments. When Dr. Ryan explained and showed me all the problems wrong with my Spine he was glad to hear I was interested.

I explained to Dr. Ryan about my extremely stiff neck and that some day’s I would be unable to move it at all. My Doctor told me that I got arthritis in my lower neck. When Dr. Ryan showed me my X-rays I was ready and eager to get these problems adjusted to be free again.

Dr. Ryan helped me so much. thanks to him I can now live my life to the fullest, I have no more pain, and I can move my neck freely and it doesn’t feel like it’s stuck in a vice grip anymore allowing me to enjoy the sunny summer days once again. Dr. Ryan also even explained to me healthy lifestyle tips as well as exercise tips to keep my neck from getting bad again. He truly does help.

Chiropractic care truly works and it does help, I say go for it to all my friends and family it makes me feel like such a new person again and it has been helping me with my everyday lifestyle, after all I was not certain that chiropractic was the right heal but time has proved to me that I was wrong.

Lisa A.

Seen Improvements

My husband introduced me to Dr. Ryan French and his Colleagues when I was five months pregnant. When I first met up with Dr. Ryan and read his Miracle book I felt like I was in a good place.

Prior to chiropractic care, I was constantly feeling tired and I suffered from headaches. Also, without any prior knowledge and my hip was not aligned. Dr. Ryan met with me after his seminar with me and other clients that were WOWED about his explanations. He explained to me that he can make my life and my babies much easier.

Every time I come into Inside Out Family Chiropractic I always learn something different I have learned so much about myself and my baby I never knew that chiropractic care has beneficial effects on a variety of conditions. It is not only intended for people who suffer from back or shoulder pain. Children can benefit from this care as well seniors can also be happy once again and feel young once more.

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Since coming to Dr. Ryan’s office my life has improved from his treatments. I feel more energetic during the day and I do not suffer from headaches. I also think that Dr. Ryan assisted me with an easier child birth.

I believe that things take time. So don’t expect immediate relief or changes. A natural practice doesn’t mask the pattern like medical does. It corrects the issue. Dr. Ryan has been taking care of my 13 month son since he was 3 days old, and Dr. Ryan has been taking good care of him.

Thank you Dr. Ryan

Lisa G.

Caring and Sharing

In November 2009 I had the privilege to meet someone of the name of Dr. Ryan French in Caledon, not knowing that this would be the greatest thing I have ever done in my life.

To be honest I never gave my back a second thought. I didn’t know how important it was to get informed and stay informed about my back. Before coming to Dr. Ryan I suffered small headaches and pains in my body.
Now that I do come to Dr. Ryan I feel great that I am looking after my family and myself. Just knowing that! We can and will be living our lives to the fullest. It’s a great thing!!

Most importantly Dr. Ryan taught me how to become and be a healthier person, I learn each time I come into his office he taught me that we clean our homes, we fix what is broken around the house. So, why did it take so long for me to figure out we need to clean our bodies and fix what’s broken. INSIDE OUT!! for a better quality of life.

Whenever I hear someone complaining about pains I dash over to them and say STOP! LISTEN!- Chiropractic care is not just for life but a chance to be fully alive for a long time happily.

Every time I come into The Inside Out Family Chiropractic office the teammates treat me with a great deal of respect and are amazing they are such a great team. Thank you, to you all for caring and sharing.

Carinna L.

Healthy Family

I was introduced to Dr. Ryan’s office by my mother who has been a patients for about a year coming up soon. I gave Dr. Ryan a try after finding out my 2 year old was starting to have problems with constipation.

Before starting Chiropractic care I was suffering with lower back pain for five years, and just recently have had pain in my hands, fingers and starting in my legs. Dr. Ryan explained and showed me what is wrong with me and what he is willing to do for my child and I. After he was done explaining to me I felt like it was the right thing to do and signed up instantaneously.

Now after a couple of adjustments I no longer have pain in my hands, fingers, legs and lower back it has disappeared. My family and I have changed our ways of living. My children have not visited the Family Doctor since we’ve we started 6 months ago here.

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While a patient Dr. Ryan showed how much he has cared for my children giving me tips on toxic products around us everyday changing my home to keep my family healthy. He has also taught me the power of the body and what chiropractic care can do to you.

Dr. Ryan’s chiropractic care has kept my children healthy!! It has been a learning experience and will be part of our lives forever, so we can stay fit and healthy, thank you Dr. Ryan and all staff, we are lucky to have you in our lives. My children are healthier than ever because of you.

Happy 10th year anniversary to you and your team.

Joanne V.

Better Health, Less Illness

I was introduced to Inside Out Family Chiropractic at Midnight Madness three years ago. I went for a free scan. The office was looking for a $20 donation to Caledon Community Services for the office assessment. Since I know Lisa I stopped by the booth. I am a big supporter of CCS I agreed to the scan/assessment. I have been to Chiropractors before but it was always reactive not preventative care for issues in the past. I was interested in something local but I was surprised to find out this was more than dealing with back pain.

My life before Chiropractic care was not as beneficial as the past treatments were. The treatments before were more reactive to specific back pain. On a scale of 1-10, it was 2 or 3. Not perfect but manageable. I guess you don’t know what you are missing until you are on the other side. I no longer accept pain as an option.

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My life has improved by chiropractic care dramatically in many levels really. First it was focusing on adjustments. Then it moved to wellness through to extreme makeovers, cleanses and other seminars on cooking or exercise. Really it is total wellness to the point of how much do you want to be involved. The extreme makeover was I think the biggest change. I lost 15 pounds in the last 18 months. Better health, and fewer family illnesses. I guess my husband has said it best….

Happy wife, happy life. The kids seem more balanced and so do I.

As a client at Inside Out I have always taken an interest in taking care of myself and family but as mentioned above this goes beyond the adjustment and more into Total Wellness. Each article the office puts out, each chat we have at the annual assessment time, each seminar in the office, there is more to learn. It is a journey so pace yourself. The payoff is worth it.

Debra Y.

Always Learning

I had a bad case of sciatica (my first experience) and found Dr. Ryan’s ad in the local newspaper that was years ago! Until that episode, I had not experienced pain before that. Dr. Ryan told me that he was glad I came to him and was glad I came to the right place.

Since coming here my life has improved greatly. Not only do I feel better but I learned so much I have been educated in basic chiropractic care with the correct exercises to do and also nutrition. Actually I learn something new every visit to the office. I love the newsletters, the Extreme Makeover seminars and of course the excellent care.

When I hear someone talking about or someone asks me about chiropractic care I encourage them to go for it. I am a strong advocate for this profession I am all for treating without drugs. It truly works and helps.

Dr. Ryan dedication to his patients needs to be commended if all Doctors were that in tune with their patients, the world would be a better place.

Not only does Dr. Ryan treat you, he educates you and the community. From his article in the newspaper, to the Extreme Makeover and now with the walking/ running club and the introduction to in house vitamins, he’s covering it all! Keep up with the good work Dr. Ryan! It’s appreciated!

Anne M.

Feel Great

When I was attending the Bolton Home show I walked towards the Inside Out Family Chiropractic booth. I told Dr. Ryan about my leg pain and that I had a Sciatic Nerve problem. Dr. Ryan was very interested in helping me and told me to come on down and we will fix it for you.

Dr. Ryan always loves to explain things for a better me. He always told me that the spine should be properly aliened to help maintain good health. Why did I not know this?

I never knew something so simple could make me live so much better. After a few treatments my leg pain disappeared. I feel great I can now live my life feeling healthier and happily. Dr. Ryan truly helps and cares that’s why I come to his office because I feel like I’m doing a great thing and I’m treated so well.

Thank you Dr. Ryan.

Harold I.

Friendly and Helpful

Dr. Ryan spoke to me and my parents at a seniors meeting. They became patients and dragged me in to see if he could help with my ear problems. He told my parents and I that he will do whatever he could to let me live once more without pain and nothing holding me back.

When I was 17 I was doing an obstacle course and dented my head, I wore a neck brace for nine months. After this time I ended up wearing glasses full time, instead of just for television. I developed chronic sinusitis, and went dead in one year. All at different times I even had issues with my neck not being able to move it as well as before.

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Dr. Ryan has changed my life after a month or two with him I am now sleeping better, the whistle in my ear has decreased, I have much more energy, I don’t wear my glasses all the time at home, and they are fitting my face better, as the sinuses clear and the facial swelling decreases.

I learned SO MUCH. I’ve learned how important spinal care is, how inter-connected overall health is. That my nerves in my spine affect every organ and system in my body. I’ve learned that every hereditary illness does not have to be passed on- that genetics may load the gun but lifestyle fires it.

If you do have a chance you should come in for the test and the report — even if you’re a sceptic. I had an unpleasant experience in the past that made me a doubter, but I went to appease my parents and found that a lot of what Dr. Ryan explained made A LOT of sense. I decided it was worth trying and now I’m a complete believer in chiropractic care. Hear what he has to say, ask him your questions, AND THEN DECIDE.

Inside Out Family chiropractic is a great center, with a host of friendly and helpful staff. They always greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome. They are always happy to answers your questions as well.

Julie F.

Happy Again

When I first heard about Dr. Ryan and his office it was through a relative of mine. They told me great things about him and his colleagues.

I was diagnosed with chronic illness last June 2009. It affected me by not being able to do my daily activities, and made it harder for me to live my life to the fullest. Dr Ryan explained to me why I was having these issues and I signed up right after.

I am now happy once again! I am able to be an active participant of my own life. I can now walk and ride my bike whenever I want.

Dr. Ryan always loves to educate others and me about a healthy lifestyle. He taught me that a subluxations will have a negative impact on your own life causing many health related issues making it also reduce your lifespan.

I strongly suggest to new clients or people who are interested in chiropractic care here at Inside Out to attend the informational session Dr. Ryan holds. It will better educate you about yourself and see how Dr. Ryan can help you.

Thanks to Dr. Ryan I now am returning back to work soon! It makes me so proud to be one of his clients.

Bruno R.

Improved Quality of Life

I first heard of Dr. Ryan and his amazing life changing hands through one of my good friends. I came into Inside Out Family Chiropractic and talked to the lovely staff and doctors about my issues. By the time I left I registered for his explanation session.

Before I started chiropractic care here at Inside Out I was very tired, I had low fatigue, I was always weak and dizzy, my headaches where nonstop, I got stomach-aches from time to time and I was depressed at times.

Dr. Ryan has transformed me. The transformation was fantastic I got more energy. I noticed my focus is better and my life quality went up dramatically it makes me feel 10 years younger.

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Dr. Ryan always tells me that nothing is as important as your over-all health and I strongly believe in that. He has truly made my life much easier and I know it’s because I’m watching my own health.

I think that everyone should try chiropractic care and if there are people who are suffering from anything I tell them to go see Dr. Ryan French in Bolton if you go to his Monday night seminars you will be convinced and truly feel good again.

Dr. Ryan has saved my life and has given me the best chance I could possibly have to optimum health I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Cathy P.

Holistic Approach to Health

My wife who has been coming to Dr. Ryan’s office brought me to him.

Before seeing Dr. Ryan I would For 2 or more years I have been walking with a ‘stooped’ posture, and it was uncomfortable.

Since I have been coming to Dr. Ryan I have been walking normally and comfortably, Dr. Ryan has done a great amount of work on me that truly paid off. I generally feel great now I am glad my wife introduced me to the Inside Out Family Chiropractic team.

I learned all about chiropractic care and its benefits to health in general it has showed me the power of what my body can do for itself. If anyone is willing to try chiropractic care I would say do it and stay with it!

I really enjoy the atmosphere of the office and the holistic approach to health. I thank you Dr. Ryan and your teammates.

Ed B.

Highly Knowledgeable

My name is Marc Comtois which means absolutely nothing to you. I am a 71- year old “fixee”. Dr. Ryan is my “fixer”. He has been “fixing “me since September 2007.

When I first came to see Dr. Ryan, I had problems with my neck, right shoulder, right elbow, right wrist, my knees and lower back.

Dr. Ryan has taken care of all those problems. Now the rest of my body is shot! What to do? What to do?
Just kidding’, of course!

Dr. Ryan is special in so many ways. Is he the best DC around? You tell me! What I can and will tell you is that, for my money he is like ELVIS, that is, SECOND TO NONE!. A consummate pro, highly knowledgeable.

Marc C.

A Pleasure

I entered Dr. Ryan’s office after my son told me how great he is. Before seeing Dr. Ryan or even knowing about him I suffered from health issues.

I have been coming to see Dr. Ryan for 4 years and since I have been coming it helped me to have better health overall. While seeing Dr. Ryan he has taught me so much about myself and the inside out part of me. I learned how to take care of my body, about dieting, what food to eat and not too, and the important chiropractic care and what it can do for me.

I think that Chiropractic care is a wonderful way to stay healthy and that everyone should do it, everyone in Dr. Ryan’s office enjoys it and even the children always so happy to be there. Dr. Ryan is a pleasure always, I introduce plenty of people to chiropractic care, it is a awesome office to visit.

Jannett M.

Can Move More

I met Dr. Ryan at his first midnight madness about 10 years ago. I suffered since I was 18 years old, I couldn’t walk long, stand long, and I was limited on doing housework. Dr. Ryan told me to come on by and we can talk about my care, so I did. I think that seeing him the next day was the best thing I have ever done in my life.

Since seeing Dr. Ryan I can now move more, I can walk much longer, stand longer without pain, and do much more house work then I could before. That was not the only thing I have gained from coming to Dr. Ryan’s office I even learned each and every visit!, there is so much I have been taught, but I will always remember that regular visits will help with subluxations and keep them from happening or getting worse.

I always tell my friends and family, or even strangers I hear crying about their back to come visit Dr. Ryan in Bolton, you won’t be sorry, your life will better each visit!. I “THANK GOD” for “DR. RYAN”!!!! Each and every day and I hope he will keep up the good work! And never leave.

Isabella E.

Thank You!

I was introduced to Dr. Ryan’s office from my dad. I didn’t have any subluxations just yet and Dr. Ryan is making sure I don’t get any.

Since visiting his office I can now breathe better and I have no pain, I am so healthy I can go all day.
Even though coming to the Chiropractor and it costs a lot, it still benefits my life, I know I am the healthiest out of all my friends and they can never catch up to me.

Everyone at inside out is nice, I always have fun when I’m there. I like when Dr. Ryan tickles me the sound of my back cracking from the adjustment.

Thank you Inside Out for everything.

Harry H.

Feeling Great

I was introduced to Dr. Ryan’s office from my dad. I didn’t have any subluxations but when I hurt myself it hurt longer than before.

Dr. Ryan makes me feel great each time I come see him. I use to see Dr. Ryan 3 times a week and now I come biweekly. Dr. Ryan thinks he can out run me but I’m training each day to beat him, one day I will run much faster than him and leave him in the dust.

Everyone at inside out is nice, I always have fun when I come to his office, Dr. Ryan is awesome, I love coming to see him every second week. Thank you Dr. Ryan for everything, I am going to beat you one day!

Thomas H.

Learning the Benefits

I was introduced to Dr. Ryan from a Christmas card my friend gave me. I gave Dr. Ryan a shot and came to see him and his wonderful team. I explained to him that I had painful periods and my heart beat would speed up when I went to bed. Dr. Ryan told me that I am in the right place and signed me up, that night I got my first adjustment. I didn’t notice a change until my third one.

Since coming to see him my symptoms have disappeared! I am now free from discomfort, seeing Dr. Ryan is a joy each time.

Every time I visited Dr. Ryan I learned a lesson that improves my lifestyles. The most beneficial lesson I think I’ve learned was the benefits of chiropractic care and how to eat healthy, these lessons have showed me that I can live my life to the fullest each day.

I’m so glad I am seeing Dr. Ryan and I tell my friends about him too. He truly is an amazing person.
Thank you for looking after me and my family Dr. Ryan and team members you are all wonderful and I love visiting all of you.

Sandra H.

Strongly Recommend

My family and I were introduced to Inside Out Chiropractic care from an acquaintance. Before seeing Dr. Ryan and associates I suffered from abdominal discomfort and tiredness throughout the day. The symptoms have been getting significantly for over 5 years. Dr. Ryan explained to me that I should have visited earlier and now it is worse. He told me he will do whatever he can to make me feel like myself again.

After a few adjustments I have noticed that my abdominal discomfort has been dramatically reduced. I now have an amazing energy inside me and can get through the day much easier since my spine is not screaming as loud the rest of my body. I can now sleep soundly without tossing or turning, I feel so much better.

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Now that I had these changes I believe what Dr. Ryan is doing to make our lives great again, He has taught me to understand the importance of the curve of the spine in the neck and the importance of keeping the neck and spine mobile. I also have improved my diet because he has made me aware of it.

I think that if someone is going to sign up for chiropractic care it should be with Dr. Ryan!, I strongly recommend chiropractic care with particular emphasis on continuing with a program over the long term for new comers so that you can realize the true lifestyle we were truly suppose to live.

I must say that when I first met Dr. Ryan I was a little sceptical with the benefits of experience and success which I was unable o obtain from the mainstream medical care, I am very much in favour of this type of treatment.

Rodney H.

Living Healthier

In 2002 we were referred to Dr. Ryan by a friend. Our oldest daughter (15 years old then) woke up one morning with Bells Palsy. We started Chiropractic care at that point for all 4 members in our family.

Prior to chiropractic care I believe we were all vulnerable to being less well. It was easier for us to get colds, flu’s, infections, Bells Palsy, tiredness, etc.

Now that we see Dr. Ryan we have fewer colds, flu’s, etc. I know live a healthier lifestyle, even though some of my family members could do with a bit more, most of us feel healthier physically and mentally.

While coming to Dr. Ryan I have learned so many things. I learned what subluxations are and how to ask for help if things don’t feel right, what causes tension in the body and how to address it when it occurs and that I like the feeling of an adjustment as I “see” subluxations as blockades being cleaned.

The advice I am willing to give to new patients is keep an opened mind. This is not alternative care. It’s complementary care. See Chiropractic care as something to help you and present sickness rather than as care to pursue only once you become sick. We see it as preventative proactive care. Not reactive.

Stan C.

Improved Quality of Life

Quality of life, that is was Chiropractic care means to mean. It is amazing how you slowly lose your quality of life without even knowing it. As your body changes you just adapt modifying your activity, taken pain medications or give things up altogether.

Thank goodness my husband encouraged me to attend an information session about Chiropractic care. Health and well being is truly ‘Inside Out’. Dr. French has taught me that. With his help my constant headaches are gone; the pain in my left shoulder is gone. I can now walk and stand in comfort. I even sleep better and have more energy. Who would have guessed that Chiropractic care would produce these results?

Knowledge is a wonderful thing, it empowers you. Dr. French understands this and continually challenges his patients to think outside the box, to ask and challenge the status quo. He has debunked our food industry and given us the knowledge to make healthy food choices along with simple effective ways of keeping fit. I have never felt better as a result.

You do know what you have lost until you get it back. Thank you Dr. French!

Marlene W.

Renewed Confidence

I was first introduced to Inside Out Family Chiropractic when I spoke to Dr. Ryan at his booth at Midnight Madness in Bolton, about 7 years ago. Dr. Ryan and his team told me to come by the next day to check on my spine and see why I have certain symptoms. When I went to his recruitment session I was excited to sign up after the enjoyment of wowing me and the crowd with his explanations, I have to the right place.

Dr. Ryan explained to me that the subluxations in my neck and back were getting more chronic and painful each day. I was experiencing pinched nerves in my hands and also in my right leg, especially when I stretched them before jogging.

When Dr. Ryan did a few adjustments I noticed that the pinched nerves disappeared and it improved my posture. I noticed bone spurs and curvature of neck are in a much healthier state, I also received the benefit of good flexibility and ease of movement without worrying- about a sublux- attack (my word) I also realized that my system functioning and fitness level are fantastic, I can do mega stretches and even jog further. No more leg discomfort.

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As a patient of Dr. Ryan you need to realize he is not only here to make you feel good but here to teach you so you stay feeling good, He has taught me that every organ and system in the body is affected by subluxations and that the sooner we can get the spinal nerves flowing freely to these organs, the healthier we will be to put it another way, if you take care of your body with regular chiropractic visits, you body will innately do the rest of course we still need to help by eating well, exercising, sleeping enough and being ever so grateful for our body’s ability to repair, relax and rebuild to its optimum compacity.

To new patients or people who are new to chiropractic care I would suggest that it would behove one to consider the greater health benefit of starting chiropractic care, especially if there are signs of subluxations. (I would use myself as an example.) And that sometimes we have to spend money just for ourselves, or for the whole family, to secure better health. It’s a proactive way, its wise its self-love. I would hope to give someone who is new renewed confidence that this is the best thing they could do for themselves.

I have always looked forward and enjoyed coming to the Inside Out Office. The staff are warm and friendly. Thanks for all the years of loving care and hugs Dr. Ryan and staff. I truly enjoy your informative and inspiring lectures, Dr. Ryan well done!

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Sandy C.

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