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DrRyan.jpgDr. Ryan French

Dr. Ryan French is a family chiropractor practicing in Bolton, Ontario. Together with his team of incredible support staff and associate doctors, he has built the largest family wellness centre in the area. He is a health coach, teacher, and writer.

He is blessed with an incredible family, including loving wife Suzanne, and 4 beautiful children, Jessica, Jackson, Jordyn and Jacob.

Dr. Ryan received his doctorate from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. His other academic accomplishments include a Degree in Kinesiology (the science of the Human Body) from McMaster University in Hamilton, a post-doctorate fellowship in pregnancy and pediatric care rendering him the title FICPA (Fellow of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), certification in The Webster In-Utero Constraint Technique (better known as the breech-turning technique), certification to practice Clinical Acupuncture, and many other courses in nutrition, exercise, and preventive health care.

Dr. Ryan is a special guest lecturer on the topics of Birth Trauma and Pregnancy at the Chiropractic College, as well as a technique coach for the Thompson Technique Club where students learn to use the most highly technical adjustment protocol.

Dr. Ryan believes in giving back to his community, and as such donates his time for free as a guest lecturer on Health and Wellness to many groups in our area, including the Bolton MS Society, Seniors Centre, T.O.P.S., Curves for Women, Allan Drive Public School, Palgrave Public School, Mayfield Secondary School, Brownies, Sparks, Beavers, Cubs, Rotary Club, Probus Club, Bolton Optimist Society, and others.

His hobbies include hockey, fishing, golf, and learning.

 Dr. Darrin Groleau

 Who is Dr. Darrin Groleau?
 A man of diverse talents and interests, Dr. Darrin is first and foremost a loving husband to his beautiful wife Lori, and a devoted father to his   two wonderful children, Daniel and Caitlyn.

 Dr. Darrin believes that our human potential is unlimited, yet, for most of us, extremely under utilized. Helping people to reveal the truth about their own inner potential and unlimited inner power through his work as a chiropractor has become a major part of his life's purpose.

A native Canadian being born and raised just outside of Hamilton, Ontario, Dr. Darrin attended the University of Waterloo where he obtained a bachelors degree in the field of Kinesiology before graduating in 1994 with his doctorate from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic located in Davenport, Iowa, U.S.A. An international coach and teacher to others in his profession, Dr. Darrin has recently relocated to Bolton from Midland, Ontario where he had been voted the “#1 Area Chiropractor” 8 years running.

Dr. Darrin’s Lasting Purpose:
I am dedicated to assisting as many people as possible, whether newborn, child, adult or senior, in order that they might express and maintain their true health potential naturally, with the highest quality of Chiropractic care. My mission is to educate our community that life and health come from within and that the maintenance of health is far superior to the treatment of disease. I strive to bring greater harmony, balance and order…to minimize the detrimental effects of spinal subluxations and in so doing, to maximize life naturally, without drugs or surgery, as it is truly intended to be.

  Dr. Joe Listro

  Dr. Joe looks to be the future of health and wellness in the Caledon area. By providing patient centered care he is excited to be able to give back to the community. Growing up in   Toronto, he developed a passion for sports playing hockey, rugby, baseball and soccer. He was born into a family with strong chiropractic roots as his father and uncle are both  chiropractors. From a young age his father taught him the values of chiropractic which helped to instill the passion that would one day lead him to pursue a career of his own.


Dr. Listro has always maintained a passion for health and fitness and incorporates his personal philosophy into his work. He looks to empower those with the tools to maximize their optimal health and well being so that they may go on to live happy and vibrant lives. Through a combination of various chiropractic techniques, exercises and nutritional advice, he aims to help patients reach their optimal health potential.


Dr. Joe Listro graduated from the Human Kinetics honors program at the University of Guelph. He then continued his education at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto where he was awarded his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.


In his free time Dr. Joe continues to play hockey and baseball whenever he gets the chance. He also enjoys a strong passion for all types of music, travel and food. If you have a favourite band, food or place to visit, tell Dr. Joe as he is always open to suggestions.

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  • "I first heard about Inside Out as a sponsor of the Bolton fall fair. I explained to Dr. Ryan that I was in pain for years and only went for treatment for the pain symptoms and not to prevent them, he invited me to come visit him and since then I have no more pain! I’m learning to improve my quality of life in other areas such as listening to my body and helping it function like god intended it too. Since coming to Inside Out I have learned proper exercising and the advanced seminars taught me how to eat healthier and what my body does with what I give it. If you are a new or old client I suggest you keep going, it will improve your quality of life. Thank you Dr. Ryan for everything you have done for me you are making it possible for me to be walking the beach with my spouse in my 70’s."
    Julie M. Bolton, ON

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